Employee relations

Safety of employees

Selected safety initiatives taken in the CIECH Group

OHS conferences (with representatives of control authorities including. National Labour Inspectorate, State Poviat Sanitary Inspector, Poviat Construction Supervision Inspectorate, Technical Supervision Office)Each year in one of production plants (addressed mainly to the company executive management and partner companies)
Safety days (with emergency services and the vendors of work and protective clothing and personal protection equipment)Each year in one of production plants (addressed mainly to production employees and their families)
Specialist trainingsAddressed both to the executive management and production employees (on responsibility of employee managers, safe work on heights, occupational risk, using personal protection equipment, etc.)
OHS reviews (including hazard recording and supervision over obeying guidelines)In each production plant, to enhance the work environment conditions and eliminate hazards
Employee awarding system in the OHS area Eventually In each production plant, to engage employees to report and eliminate hazards in the work environment
Systems for reporting accidents, hazards, near misses, and implementing corrective and preventive actionsIn each production plant, to prevent from occupational accidents
KPI at each organization level  Determining measurable OHS objectives at each organization level – from 2018
Standards for executing works at production plant prmisesApplicable to contractors and subcontractors at production plant premises, to increase the level of safety

Support & benefits

Competence model at CIECH

Implemented development programmes for employees:

  • CIECH Ambassador
  • Manager’s Academy
  • Knowledge Pill
  • Diversity Management Academy
  • Internal Trainer

Manager Academy

The Manager Academy Programme, launched in 2017, aims to strengthen the implemented managerial competencies in the areas of motivating, building commitment, team management and change management. The program is dedicated to all team managers.

Diversity Management Academy

The Academy was prepared to address the challenges of building commitment, recruiting candidates, preparing successors, sharing experience and increasing competence in teams. Together with managers, we had chosen 56 employees, who were prepared to take over tasks from employees who will retire in 2017-2022. We defined an individual plan for each employee taking into account the knowledge and competences required on the new position. We also prepared a professional training programme thanks to which, after a three-year education cycle, the company will be able to recruit every year 15 young trained employees who will be prepared to take production positions.

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