Impact on the environment

With the care for the natural environment

In the CIECH Group, we carry out several environmental investments aimed at effective use of raw products and energy,reduction of emissions and reasonable waste management.

Over 366 million PLN spent on pro-environmental investments in 2015-2017.

Main investments:

  • Construction of flue gas desulphurisation and denitrification systems in Janikowo and Inowrocław,
  • Construction of post-soda lime suspension filtration system in Janikowo,
  • Extension of the centre of decantation and filtration of distillation sludge in the Inowrocław Plant,
  • Reduction of dust emissions from the Inowrocław CHP Plant by modernising boiler ESPs.


Environment Management System in the CIECH Group

A unified Environment Protection Policy is in effect in the Group which imposes on all Group companies the obligation to:

  • obey the environmental protection laws,
  • reduce emissions to atmosphere and the quantity of generated waste,
  • efficiently use natural resources and counteract climate changes by reducing CO2 emissions,
  • maintain good social relations in communities where business activities are performed,
  • promote green products and services.

In selected CIECH Group companies, we implemented an environment management system which is compliant with ISO 14001. The system obliges to evaluate compliance with legal regulations, and corporate requirements, and to continuous improvement and enhancements.

Legal status of using the environment

The companies belonging to the CIECH Group operate in compliance with national and international laws in force. All used technical, environmental and organisational solutions meet the environmental protection law requirements.

The most important decisions regulating the use of environment:

  • Integrated permits;
  • Water management permits;
  • Waste collection permits, waste processing permits, waste generation permits;
  • Greenhouse gas emission permits.


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