Relationships with customers

Our approach to provide customer satisfaction

The documents related to customer relationships in the CIECH Group are as follows:

  • CIECH Group Code of Conduct;
  • CIECH Group Trading Policy;
  • Procedures and instructions of the Integrated Management System regulating in each Group company the process of managing complaints with respect to products provided to customers and managing deliveries which are discrepant with respect to raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging.

Selected marketing communication initiatives of the CIECH Group in 2017:

  • Developing a strategy for edible salts and new branding.
  • Intensified activity in the area of relationship marketing – several initiatives for building and strengthening relations with the CIECH Group key customers (Key Account Relations Development Program in the Soda segment).
  • Developing new concepts of sales support materials and implementing them.
  • Several market researches for developing sales of the existing Group products and extending existing product offering, search for new sales channels and new markets.
  • Developing new segmentation within a couple of product groups offered by the Group.
  • Expansion of the distribution network.
  • Developing activities in the new media channel.
  • Advertising campaigns promoting brands from the CIECH Group portfolio.
  • Loyalty programmes.
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