Research and development

Strategic objectives in the area of research and development in the CIECH Group

The activities of the R&D Centre of the CIECH Group are closely related to the environmental protection objectives of the Company. The Centre co-operates with institutions of higher education and experts in innovations and development policy, and some of the implemented projects are co-financed from the funds of the European Union, as well as national and regional support funds.

Our priority in research and development is developing products of even higher quality which address the needs of our customers with optimised production costs. We are extremely interested in eco trends and pro-environmental solutions, especially in circular economy.

Currently, we are conducting 70 R&D projects divided into the following areas: AGRO, Resins, and Soda and Salt.


According to the strategy we have adopted, we search for innovative solutions which enable to:

    • Expand and continuously optimise our product portfolio in individual business areas by introducing new products or modifying the existing ones.
    • Increase the efficiency of production processes.
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Decrease the total coal usage.
    • Optimise energy usage.
    • Increase energy efficiency.
    • Change waste into usable products.



We cooperate with the following research institutes and universities:

  • Blachownia” Heavy Organic Synthesis Institute;
  • Artificial Fertilizers Institute;
  • Institute of Organic Industry;
  • Institute of Industrial Chemistry;
  • Warsaw University of Technology;
  • Poznań University of Technology;
  • Bydgoszcz University of Technology and Natural Sciences;
  • Wrocław University of Technology;
  • Western Pomerania University of Technology in Szczecin;
  • Rzeszów University of Technology;
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.
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