The Code of Conduct of the CIECH Group

In the CIECH Group, there is also a special Ethics Committee

In 2017, CIECH Group’s companies signed a Declaration of adopting the “Ethical Programme Standard” prepared by Global Compact Network Poland, a UN agenda. It is a set of principles that responsible and sustainable companies should follow. The set was compiled based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and The 10 Ten Principles of United Nations Global Compact.

Respect for human rights in the CIECH Group

In the CIECH Group, we focus on promoting ethical standards and actions oriented towards respecting human rights among our stakeholders, especially our employees and business partners.

We follow all applicable laws related to work time, overtime, salaries and other benefits provided by the employer. Salaries are paid on time according to the “Remuneration Regulations” in force.

Our employees are free to join or leave trade unions and/or employee representation bodies at their own discretion

We value diverse, integrated work environment; we don’t discriminate people due to sex, age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or any other feature protected by law. We do not benefit from any kind of forced labour. Our employees have control over identity documents, and do not pay any fees related to obtaining and maintaining their jobs. Any kind of physical and/or psychological compulsion, including mobbing, is prohibited.

The documents related to the respect for human rights in the CIECH Group are as follows:
• The Code of Conduct of the CIECH Group.
• Internal Anti-mobbing Policy.

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