BarvaGlass Lanterns

Innovative BarvaGlass glass containers are characterised by a durable, iridescent and glossy coating available in a gold colour. The colour of the nano coating is highly durable, that is, it is not subject to mechanical nor chemical degradation.

Apart from their visual attractiveness, BarvaGlass containers are characterised by better physical properties, such as:

  • increased mechanical resistance – fewer broken elements during production and transportation,
  • decreased permeability of UV and thermal radiation – delayed degradation and colour change of the stored items, such as paraffin.

Lanterns with the BarvaGlass effect also look amazing after having their inside painted with lacquers (the above photograph shows lanterns painted with diluted paints).

We offer:

  • Z-273 gold

  • Z-273 gold

  • Z-289 gold

The implementation of BarvaGlass containers for production is a project co-financed from the EU funds under the National Cohesion Strategy
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