CIECH at the conference for individual investors

CIECH at the conference for individual investors

On 3-5 June of the current year, the CIECH company was present at the WallStreet 20 conference held in Karpacz. Individual investors had a chance to meet representatives of the company at Akcjonariat Fairs. The stand was visited by many people with whom we talked, among other things, about the business of CIECH, the current operational-financial situation and the markets on which we operate. Each person visiting our stand also received information materials and small gifts.

On Saturday, Mirosław Wojtaszko, the CFO at CIECH, talked about the business of the Group at the Akcjonariat Forum. The presentation was participated in by several tens of people.

The WallStreet Conference is the largest meeting of individual investors in this part of Europe. It has been organized by the Association of Individual Investors for 20 years. During the Conference, investors have a chance not only to participate in a number of educational lectures, but also meet representatives of companies listed at the stock exchange.

You are welcome to read an account of the Conference at the StrefaInwestoró portal:

Joanna Siedlaczek, Investors Relations Expert within the CIECH Group:

“We took part in the WallStreet 20 Conference not only to present the CIECH company to investors, but mainly due to the fact that we wanted to learn more about their needs.”

“There are nearly a half a thousand companies listed in the main market, a large part of which fights, on a daily basis, for the interest of individual investors - this was also clear during the WallStreet Conference. We believe that in order to show investors how attractive the company is, it is not enough to generate good financial results. Today, openness, reliability and transparency of the conducted communication are equally important.”

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